3H公司是一家以策划设计为重心的服务型企业。承接制作展示性室内外项目和活动,包括展台搭建、商场路演活动、酒店晚宴、会议布置、产品发布推广、展厅装修、展示道具制作等。办公工厂一体化为实施客户的 具体要求带来便利,并减少沟通误差,公司拥有5000平米的厂房结合1000平米的仓库,三组经验丰富的施工队伍确保为合作伙伴提 供安全、优质、省心的服务。

3H is a service-oriented company focusing on planning and designing. We specialize in indoor and outdoor display and activities including booth construction,roadshow in mall, dinner party, conference arrangement, products’ release and promotion, exhibition rooms’ decoration and exhibition tools’ provision. Our office and factory are integrated to bring convenience to meeting clients’ needs and to minimize misunderstandings. 3H holds 3500 ㎡ factory, 900 ㎡ warehouse and three experienced construction teams to offer our clients safe, quality and relieved service.